Create a website
Well, I can obviously use WordPress, and other programmes.  But to create one from scratch you know, that would be a cool thing to be able to do 😉
Get a new job
Well, we’ve all of us got to look forward to the next step.
Have an article published
On what, I’m not sure.  But it would be cool to have others think that something I wrote is interesting.
Learn how to create infographics
I’m a little obsessed with infographics.  I love them, and want a job creating them.  So I’m going to need to learn all about how to actually do it, aren’t I?
Take a photography class
Photography is something I think I might be interested in.  But I don’t really know.  I like pretty pictures, and would like to be able to take pretty pictures.  I’m also kind of interested in photo editing.  So we’ll see.
Take a yoga class
Something I feel I should do, but not sure if I have the right temperament. Maybe that’s why I should take a class 😉
Write a book
It doesn’t have to be a long book, or even published 😉  Ideas for subjects welcome!


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