Cook Christmas/New Year dinner for lots of folks
I love cooking for people and would love to do a whole Christmas dinner, or something similar.  Just need folks to cook for, so if anyone’s interested… let me know 😉
Eat fruit
I eat veg… no problem.  However, fruit has never been a love of mine.  I like apples, preferably in a cake or crumble.  But, I’ve just never taken to fruit.  I think its a texture thing.  But I should try and eat more fruit.  So, maybe when we’re out, I’ll try a fruit based pudding… or just bake some things with different fruits in and go from there.
Eat sushi
My friend suggested this one for me.  Mmm, raw fish…. I’m not sure.  But then this list can’t be all the things I like doing, can it?
Enter a village show
Another suggestion from a friend.  I love baking, but I’m interested in making it look especially pretty or uniform or owt.  But, we’ll see.  Maybe I can make my baking look refined enough to win a certificate at the Rotherham show 🙂
Grow fruit/vegetables
I’m getting there with growing plants in our back yard (except I’m not so good with herbs).  So, I’m going to try and grow a courgette, or some blackberries or something.
Try tea and coffee
I seemingly used to drink tea and coffee when I was a little girl, but haven’t done so since I was around 6.  It’s very unsociable not to drink tea or coffee… but I figure its about time I acquired this particular habit.


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