Me and exercise don’t really go together, but we’re none of us getting any younger and all that… So,

Go swimming
I HATE swimming.  But it’s meant to be one of the best forms of exercise.  So, I’ll give it another go.  On an adults only, ladies only, time if possible…
Ride my bike at least once a week (W)
After inspiration from MoTO’s #FfeedBikeRally, I bought a new bike last year and had a few rides mainly around our local park.  Once I build my confidence up, I’ll try some more challenging rides.  There’s loads of places I can go close by.  Pictures from my rides will be put on Flickr too.
Take part in a bike race/organised ride
So, the logical conclusion is that I should aim for some organised ride or something…
Walk the Rotherham Round Walk
“The 25-mile route is a complete clockwise circuit from the northwest of the town round to the southwest. It leaves the town through a wooded clough and soon enters attractive countryside round the Wentworth Estate in the north. It then goes through a short industrial section and semi urban area to the west, and more undulating rural country to the south, re-entering the town through Boston Park. There is a variety of terrain, with the majority on public footpaths, but all relatively easy walking including one or two short steepish climbs.” (LDWA)
Walk outside at least 20 minutes every day (D)
Just a daily habit that would be great to attain…


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