Although I’ve seen bits of it from time to time I’ve never watched the film Casablanca all the way through; until I sat down the other day to watch it as part of the the Film4 Films for Life season.

I suppose my overriding impression was about the differences between men and women and in what each can get away with.  If the roles were reversed and the man thought his wife was dead and had an affair, it’s unlikely he would be treated so sympathetically.  The fact that Bergman is stunning on screen probably helps 😉  I didn’t quite buy the Paris bit – but it served its purpose in filling in the back story.

Of course, all the trivia questions on various quiz shows have shown that the quotes you think are from Casablanca were never uttered – and you can see how they come about.  I loved the songs in the background played by Sam (but not again!).

It reminded me a little of Brief Encounter.  You want Rick and Ilse to be able to be together (like Laura and Alec) but know that they cannot be.  How times change, eh?  Right up until the very end, you’re not sure how it’s going to work out.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable couple of hours.  I like films that keep you thinking after you’ve finished watching them.  That’s what the Films for Life season is all about; films that ‘stay with you’.  9/10 🙂


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