Enter a scrabble competition
I love scrabble and am ok at it – though I do cheat and use the OSW more than I should.  However, I’ve never played a competitive match.  I think it could be fun – although I’m sure that I will lose quite badly 😉
Have a date night once a month
Well, it’s just nice to spend time with your loved one, isn’t it? 😉
Join a choir
I used to sing in the church choir when I was at school, and I still sing in the bath.  I’m not a great singer by any means, but I can sing in tune.  It’s fun to sing with others.  At least it used to be.
Orchestra at Symphony Hall
I lived in Birmingham for over 10 years but never once went to see an orchestra at Symphony Hall.  I saw Deacon Blue, and went to the Christms classical extravaganza at the NIA.  Ideally, I’d like to see the CBSO, but I’m not picky.
Play the piano in public
I played the piano from a very young age – and did reasonably ok.  However, due to a woodworm incident and the practicalities of moving pianos I’ve not had my own for a long time.  While this might not change in the near future, I figured I could set myself a challenge to play in public.  Might be a laugh…
Read 40 Richard and Judy books
I wanted a reading challenge, but while I read quite a bit, I wouldn’t call myself well-read.  I’m not that interested in reading the classics, or joining Pete in his Russian thing.  The Richard and Judy books are a good selection (not sure about Robbie Williams, mind) so thought it could be a good challenge.   There’s 124 so far (not including this year’s selection).  I think I’ve already read around 30 of them, but will only count books I read from the start of this challenge.  I might re-read some of them – after all, I’ve only read The Time-Traveller’s wife 14 times; 15 is a nice round number, isn’t it?
Watch 40 Oscar winning films
There’s always some films that you’ve never got round to seeing that you think you should have.  I thought about the current Radio Times list by Barry Norman.  It seemed a good place to start. But with 10 westerns and horror films it wasn’t very appealing. So what with the latest Oscar nominations, I thought why not watch films that won the Best Film Oscar.  It’s quite a good selection.  I forsee a subscription to Lovefilm in our future 😉
Watch every Studio Ghibli film
Any excuse to watch these films is welcome.  Except Grave of the Fireflies.  While it is a beautiful film, it is heartbreakingly sad.  I don’t think I can watch it again.
West End musical
Seen plenty of musicals, but never in the West End.  Think this should be rectified as soon as possible.


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