Learn to knit

A work friend has been teaching me how to knit.  I got the hang of it quite quickly.  Something must have stuck from when I tried to learn when I was young 😉  Casting on took a while to get the hang of, until I came across an excellent tutorial.  I’m still not so good at casting off.  I can do it alright, but always end up the last couple of stitches and end up with it all unravelling on me.  Ho hum.  I’m sure practice will help.

I’ve done knitting and purling.  I like knit 2, purl 2 best, I think.  I know that’s got a particular name, but I can’t remember what it is 😉  Sometimes I get so carried away though I lose count of stitches/rows 😉  I’ve mainly just been knitting squares to build my confidence so far.  My next plan is to knit a square in a diamond way – start with one stitch and keep casting on every row until it’s wide enough then cast off one stitch every row to give me practice with casting on and off.  Or is that picking up and dropping stitches?  Not got the lingo sorted yet.

I visited my Grandparents recently, and my Grandma gave me all her knitting stuff so I now have row counters and tonnes of needles of all different sizes.

My ultimate aim is to knit some lucky (or unlucky) person a scarf for Christmas.  I’ve seen this beautiful material at Hobbycraft, but not sure if I’m up to it yet.  Eek, just seen this video and now I really don’t think I’m up to it ;-(

Oh, and I’d really love to stitch the Mystery Blanket.  I think it would be a big challenge, but an excellent way to practice different stitches.

I’ll post pics of my current knitting soon!


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