Finish train tapestry

I bought a train tapestry years ago to do for someone.  That person is now not in my life, but the tapestry still is.  There’s not that much left to do, I just haven’t got round to completing it.

But I’m going to do it this year.  I figure I can then give it to a charity shop or suchlike who’ll be able to sell it and use the proceeds to help other people.

My aim is to do a little bit each week from now on to try and get it finished in time for Christmas.  Maybe someone will see it and buy it for a loved one.  Here’s hoping.

Updated 31st December, 2012
I finished it this morning.  I’m so glad it’s done.  It was becoming a ‘thing’.  I’ll take a photo in a bit. Still not sure what I’m going to do with it though.  Any ideas? Post them below!


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